Wednesday, April 23, 2014


A year ago, if I was searching for a full-time job with decent pay I'd be excited because I could afford a nicer apartment and things like fancy purses or bulk purchases at Forever21.  Now, while I obviously need money to feed myself and pay for a place to live, my outlook is completely different.  I'm dying to save some money to go on a trip - and not to Hawaii or Cancun, I want to go back to Asia, or Europe, or somewhere in South America where I won't be kidnapped and sold into the slave trade by drug czars (that still happens, right?).  So here's how two months living on the other side of the world changed my life:

1) I now know that I can happily live in a prison-cell-sized apartment because I'll only be there for a few hours of awake time a day.

2) Living in LA made me not even think twice about the fact that everyone around me was speaking another language.

3) If I lived somewhere with public transportation I would legitimately never have to exercise.

4) Food in other countries is apparently better for you than food in the US because it's less processed (also helping with #3)

5) Exploring is a perfectly acceptable daytime activity if you're bored.

6) The best place to have alone time is in a place where no one knows you or speaks your language.  That way you can't even be bothered with other people's problems, because you don't understand what the hell they're saying.

7) Other cultures are fascinating - from the subway ads to the local stores, everything is new and interesting.

8) I need a better camera.

9) I want to eat all the things.  Except the eyeballs and intestines, but everything else.

10) I have adequately trained my stomach to handle street food like a champ.

11) I can walk into a tiny noodle shop alone with no English signs, order food, eat and pay simply by pointing.

12) No one else understands the joy of an ice cold beverage like Americans.  Someone needs to invent an ice fanny pack so we can bring our own to restaurants in case of emergency.

13) I want to go ALL THE PLACES and I have some serious catching up to do.

14) Someone please list all the countries that have squat toilets so that I may be adequately prepared and/or avoid them altogether.

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